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Diageo Price Hikes


Diageo’s Price Hike Sparks Concern in the Hospitality Sector

British-Irish beverage conglomerate Diageo is set to raise its pint prices for the third time in just over a year. Following previous increases of 12 cents in February 2023 and four cents last July, this latest six-cent rise in Ireland will predominantly affect popular brands like Guinness, Rockshore, Carlsberg, and Hop House 13. The decision stems from rising input costs impacting all of Diageo’s businesses across Ireland, despite recent fluctuations in inflation and energy prices.

Implications for the Hospitality Sector

Diageo’s announcement has been met with dismay from pubs and the wider hospitality industry, already grappling with substantial cost escalations. Pat Crotty, CEO of the Vintners Federation of Ireland (VFI), expressed profound disappointment, highlighting the strain on an industry facing numerous financial challenges. He emphasized the urgent need for government support, citing concerns over rising minimum wage, mandatory sick leave, and impending pension schemes.

Calls for Government Intervention

Crotty’s statement underscores the severity of the situation, urging policymakers to implement meaningful support measures. While acknowledging the “Increased Cost of Doing Business” grant, he contends that additional actions, such as excise reductions, VAT rate adjustments for pubs serving food, and decreased employer PRSI, are essential to alleviate the burden on publicans. The hospitality sector’s viability hinges on decisive governmental intervention amid mounting financial pressures.

Leadership Transition at Diageo

Amidst these developments, Diageo recently announced Sir John Manzoni as its new board chairman, succeeding Javier Ferran. Sir John’s appointment comes at a critical juncture, as Diageo navigates market challenges and consumer dynamics. With extensive experience as a non-executive director within the company, Sir John’s leadership will play a pivotal role in steering Diageo through its current pricing strategies and broader corporate initiatives.

Conclusion: Navigating Industry Challenges

Diageo’s decision to raise prices underscores the complex economic landscape facing both beverage manufacturers and hospitality businesses. As stakeholders grapple with escalating costs and uncertain market conditions, effective collaboration between industry players and government authorities is imperative. The hospitality sector’s resilience and viability hinge on swift and decisive action to mitigate financial strains and support sustainable growth in the face of ongoing challenges.

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Source: Euronews

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