Diageo’s New Chair of the Board

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Diageo’s Leadership Transition: Sir John Manzoni Appointed Chair

Diageo, the global beverage giant, announces the appointment of Sir John Manzoni as Chair of the Board, succeeding Javier Ferrán, who will retire in February 2025.

Meet the New Chair: Sir John Manzoni

Sir John Manzoni, currently a non-executive director at Diageo, brings a wealth of leadership experience to his new role. With a distinguished career spanning various sectors, including energy and civil service, Sir John’s expertise positions him well to guide Diageo through its next phase of growth.

Acknowledging Javier Ferrán’s Contributions

Javier Ferrán, Diageo’s current Chair, receives accolades for his exemplary leadership during his tenure. Under his stewardship, Diageo achieved significant milestones, including robust financial performance and enhanced diversity within the organization.

Strategic Vision for the Future

Sir John Manzoni expresses confidence in Diageo’s potential for growth and innovation. With a focus on leveraging the company’s unparalleled portfolio and global capabilities, he aims to steer Diageo towards sustained success in the dynamic beverage alcohol industry.

Continuity and Collaboration: Ensuring Smooth Transition

Debra Crew, Diageo’s Chief Executive, emphasizes the importance of continuity and collaboration during the leadership transition. Together with Sir John and the Board, she reaffirms the commitment to executing strategic initiatives and delivering value for shareholders.

Looking Ahead: Diageo’s Growth Trajectory

As Diageo prepares for the future under new leadership, the company remains dedicated to investing in its iconic brands and driving innovation. With a clear focus on execution and market leadership, Diageo aims to maintain its position as a global industry leader in total beverage alcohol.

Sir John Manzoni’s Distinguished Background

Sir John Manzoni’s illustrious career, marked by executive roles in renowned organizations and his contributions to public service, underscores his qualifications for the role of Chair. His appointment heralds a new chapter in Diageo’s journey towards sustained growth and success.

Conclusion: A Vision for Success

The appointment of Sir John Manzoni as Chair of Diageo reflects the company’s commitment to strong leadership and strategic vision. With a focus on innovation, collaboration, and market leadership, Diageo is poised to achieve new heights under Sir John’s guidance.

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