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Amazon’s Tactics For Trade Joe’s Insider Secrets


Amazon’s Tactics to Uncover Trader Joe’s Secrets: Whistleblower Exposes Extraordinary Measures


An Amazon whistleblower reveals the tech giant’s extraordinary tactics to uncover insider secrets from Trader Joe’s, including attempts to replicate its best-selling snacks.

Trader Joe’s Executive Recruited:

A former Trader Joe’s executive was recruited by Amazon while the company was developing its private-label food brand, Wickedly Prime. She claimed ignorance about the project’s details during her 2015 interview but was immediately pressured for information upon joining.

Extraordinary Measures:

The whistleblower described being ushered into a conference room at Amazon’s Seattle headquarters filled with Trader Joe’s snacks, with windows and doors covered in brown paper for secrecy. She later learned her role was to identify Trader Joe’s top-selling products for replication.

Trader Joe’s Unique Appeal:

Trader Joe’s is renowned for its cult following and innovative products like philly cheesesteak baos and cinnamon bun spread. Its secretive approach to sales data and absence of online shopping make it challenging for rivals to track its success.

Resistance and Pressure:

The former Trader Joe’s executive resisted Amazon’s requests for insider information for months. Eventually, she was asked to share documents from her time at Trader Joe’s, including sales data and profit margins for top products. When she refused, she faced intense pressure and emotional distress.

Legal Intervention:

Upon discovering the unethical practices, a concerned Amazon employee reported the situation to the legal department. Subsequent investigations led to the termination of the employees involved in pressuring the recruit.

Amazon’s Other Tactics:

Further allegations suggest Amazon engaged in secret information gathering on competitors through entities like Big River Services International. This subsidiary, disguised as an independent company, attended rivals’ conferences and concealed its true identity.


Amazon’s aggressive tactics to gain a competitive edge have raised ethical concerns and sparked legal scrutiny. The whistleblower’s revelations shed light on the lengths to which tech giants go to dominate markets, underscoring the importance of transparency and fair competition in the business world.

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Source: Daily Mail UK

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