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Top 10 Food Service Companies in Italy


Italy’s culinary heritage is renowned worldwide, and its foodservice industry reflects this rich tradition. Here are the top 10 Italian food service companies shaping the nation’s dining landscape:

1. Autogrill

Autogrill is a global leader in food and beverage services for travelers, operating restaurants, cafes, and bars in airports, motorways, and train stations across Italy.

2. Elior Group Italy

Elior Group Italy specializes in contract catering and support services, providing dining solutions to businesses, healthcare facilities, schools, and universities.

3. Sodexo Italy

Sodexo Italy, a subsidiary of Sodexo Group, offers integrated facilities management and foodservices, serving clients across various sectors, including corporate, healthcare, and education.

4. Gruppo Cremonini

Gruppo Cremonini is a major player in the Italian foodservice industry, operating restaurants, catering services, and food distribution businesses.

5. Autogrill Italia

Autogrill Italia is a division of Autogrill, focusing on providing food and beverage services to travelers at Italian airports, motorways, and train stations.

6. Cremonini Food Service

Cremonini Food Service specializes in supplying food products and ingredients to restaurants, hotels, and catering businesses across Italy.

7. Compass Group Italy

Compass Group Italy offers catering and support services to businesses, schools, hospitals, and other institutions, emphasizing quality and innovation in its offerings.

8. Coop Italia

Coop Italia is one of Italy’s largest supermarket chains, offering a wide range of food products and catering solutions to consumers and businesses.

9. Eataly

Eataly is a global chain of Italian food markets, offering a variety of high-quality Italian products, including fresh produce, meats, cheeses, and prepared foods.

10. McDonald’s Italia

McDonald’s Italia is the Italian subsidiary of McDonald’s Corporation, operating a network of restaurants across Italy, serving the iconic menu items loved by millions.

These top 10 Italian food service companies play a significant role in promoting Italy’s culinary excellence and providing high-quality dining experiences to locals and visitors alike.

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