Top 10 Foodservice Companies in Ireland

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Ireland’s foodservice industry is renowned for its culinary diversity and innovation. Here are the top 10 Irish foodservice companies shaping the nation’s dining landscape:

1. Musgrave Group

Musgrave Group is one of Ireland’s largest grocery and foodservice wholesalers, operating retail brands such as SuperValu and Centra, as well as providing foodservice solutions to businesses.

2. Aramark Ireland

Aramark Ireland is a leading provider of food, facilities, and uniform services, serving a wide range of industries, including healthcare, education, and business.

3. Compass Group Ireland

Compass Group Ireland offers catering and support services to businesses, schools, hospitals, and other institutions, focusing on delivering high-quality meals and experiences.

4. Pallas Foods

Pallas Foods is a leading foodservice distributor in Ireland, supplying a wide range of products to restaurants, hotels, and catering businesses across the country.

5. Keelings

Keelings is a family-owned food company specializing in fresh produce, including fruits and vegetables, supplying both retail and foodservice sectors.

6. BWG Foods

BWG Foods operates wholesale and retail businesses in Ireland, including the Spar, Eurospar, and Londis retail brands, providing foodservice solutions to convenience stores and retailers.

7. Henderson Foodservice

Henderson Foodservice is a leading foodservice distributor in Northern Ireland, supplying a wide range of products to businesses in the hospitality and catering sectors.

8. 3663 First for Foodservice

3663 First for Foodservice is a division of Bidfood Ireland, providing wholesale food and catering supplies to businesses across Ireland.

9. Green Isle Foods

Green Isle Foods is a leading producer of frozen foods in Ireland, supplying retail and foodservice customers with a range of frozen pizzas, vegetables, and snacks.

10. Bewley’s

Bewley’s is an iconic Irish coffee company, operating caf├ęs and providing coffee solutions to hotels, restaurants, and businesses across Ireland.

These top 10 Irish foodservice companies play a crucial role in shaping the nation’s culinary scene, providing high-quality products and services to consumers and businesses alike.

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