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Top Foodservice Businesses in Poland


Poland’s foodservice industry is dynamic and diverse, offering a wide range of dining options. Here are some of the top foodservice businesses in the country:

  1. AmRest Holdings SE: Known for operating popular restaurant chains like KFC, Pizza Hut, and Starbucks across Poland.
  2. Sodexo Poland: Provides catering and support services to businesses, schools, and healthcare facilities, emphasizing quality and innovation.
  3. Kompania Piwowarska: One of Poland’s largest breweries, offering a range of beers and beverages, as well as brewery tours and tastings.
  4. Telepizza Poland: A leading pizza delivery chain, known for its wide selection of pizzas and Italian-inspired dishes.
  5. Qubus Hotel Group: Operates a chain of hotels and restaurants across Poland, offering accommodation and dining options for travelers.
  6. Eurocash Group: A major wholesale distributor of food and non-food products, supplying supermarkets, convenience stores, and foodservice businesses across Poland.
  7. Da Grasso: A popular chain of pizzerias in Poland, known for its delicious pizzas and pasta dishes, available for dine-in, takeaway, and delivery.
  8. McDonald’s Poland: The Polish subsidiary of McDonald’s Corporation, operating a network of restaurants serving the iconic menu items loved by millions.
  9. Komex: Provides catering services for events, conferences, and weddings, offering a variety of menu options and personalized service.
  10. Selgros Cash & Carry: A wholesale cash and carry chain, offering a wide range of food and non-food products to businesses and consumers.

These top foodservice businesses in Poland contribute to the country’s vibrant culinary scene, providing high-quality dining experiences and products to locals and visitors alike.

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