KeurigDrPepper, Coca-Cola & PepsiCo Seize “Dirty Soda” Trend

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Embracing the Mocktail Movement

In recent years, the beverage landscape has seen a significant shift towards mocktails, non-alcoholic beverages designed to offer unique flavors and experiences without the need for alcohol. This movement has gained traction among younger generations, leading to increased demand for innovative, alcohol-free options.

Royal Caribbean, a prominent player in the hospitality industry, has recognized and capitalized on this trend by offering mixologist-created mocktails across its fleet. This move reflects a growing acceptance of non-alcoholic alternatives in mainstream settings.

The Rise of ‘Dirty Soda’

A quirky trend known as “Dirty Soda” has emerged, gaining popularity thanks to platforms like TikTok. This trend involves mixing soda with unexpected ingredients, including dairy products, to create unique flavor combinations. What started as a niche practice has now become a noteworthy aspect of the mocktail movement.

A Surprising Partnership: KeurigDrPepper Steps In

KeurigDrPepper, a key competitor to industry giants Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, has seized the opportunity presented by the dirty soda trend. In a bold move to establish its presence in the market, the company has formed an unexpected partnership to introduce a new product aimed at tapping into this trend.

Introducing Coffee Mate’s Dirty Soda Creamer

Coffee Mate, a popular brand known for its coffee creamers, has collaborated with Dr Pepper to launch a limited edition Dirty Soda Coconut Lime creamer. This innovative product is specifically designed to be mixed with Dr Pepper, offering consumers a refreshing twist on traditional soda flavors.

Coca-Cola’s Response

While PepsiCo has actively embraced the dirty soda craze, Coca-Cola has remained relatively reserved on the matter. However, fans of the iconic brand have taken matters into their own hands, experimenting with various Dirty Coke and Dirty Diet Coke mocktail recipes.


The beverage industry continues to evolve, driven by changing consumer preferences and emerging trends. The rise of mocktails and the popularity of trends like dirty soda highlight the industry’s adaptability and willingness to innovate. As companies explore new partnerships and product offerings, consumers can expect to see even more creative and unconventional beverages hitting the shelves.

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