Heineken’s Largest Ever Ad Campaign for Non-Alcoholic Beer

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Heineken Ireland’s Major Push for Alcohol-Free Beer Market

Heineken Ireland is stepping up its game in the growing Irish non-alcoholic beer market with its most substantial campaign yet for the Heineken 0.0% brand. This campaign, featuring three-time World F1 Champion Max Verstappen, aims to drive home the message that alcohol and driving don’t mix.

Heineken 0.0%: Ireland’s Favorite Alcohol-Free Beer

Fiona Curtin, Heineken Ireland’s marketing director, emphasizes that Heineken 0.0% leads the alcohol-free beer category in Ireland, offering consumers a popular choice for alcohol-free occasions. The brand’s success is part of a broader trend in Ireland, where non-alcoholic beer sales have seen significant growth, more than tripling between 2017 and 2021.

The Rising Tide of Non-Alcoholic Beer in Ireland

Data from Drinks Ireland indicates a continuous upward trend in the non-alcoholic beer market in Ireland. The market share for these beers has soared by 275% from 2017 to 2021, and this upward trajectory is expected to persist in 2024. Heineken 0.0%, since its 2018 launch, has played a pivotal role in this growth, with Heineken investing over €30 million in the brand.

Targeting a Balance-Seeking Consumer Base

Curtin notes that consumers, especially Generations Z and Y, are increasingly seeking balance in their lifestyles, which includes choosing non-alcoholic beverages. Heineken 0.0% is positioned to meet this demand, leading the category and reinforcing its message through its latest campaign.

“Best Driver” Campaign Promotes Responsible Drinking

The new “Best Driver” campaign, created by Le Pub and part of Publicis, features Max Verstappen in a relatable scenario at a bar with friends. Highlighting the importance of not drinking and driving, Verstappen, who hasn’t consumed alcohol, becomes the designated driver, safely driving his friends home. This campaign is part of Heineken’s broader effort to encourage responsible alcohol consumption and promote its non-alcoholic product line.