Mondelez Backs Pack2Earth “Bio-based” Packaging

Producer News

Mondelez International invests in Spain-based start-up Pack2Earth, focusing on developing compostable “bio-based” packaging as an alternative to plastic.

Sustainable Futures Initiative

Mondelez’s investment aligns with its Sustainable Futures impact investing platform, aiming for long-term packaging circularity and environmental impact.

Pack2Earth’s Bio-based Packaging

Pack2Earth, established in 2022, specializes in compostable flexible film and injection materials, promising toxin-free compost decomposition at ambient temperature.

Funding Round and Growth Plans

Mondelez and Zurich-based investor Sagana participate in Pack2Earth’s $1m seed round, enabling the start-up to pursue client pilot projects and revenue growth.

Mondelez’s Sustainability Goals

Mondelez targets 100% recyclable packaging by 2025, with reductions in virgin plastic usage and increased recycled content, aligning with its ESG commitments.

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