Unilever Announces Spin-Off of Ice Cream Business

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Unilever PLC Announces Spin-Off of Ice Cream Business

Unilever PLC (NYSE: UL) plans to separate its Ice Cream business to accelerate its Growth Action Plan (GAP), streamlining operations and focusing on core segments.

Deal Overview

Unilever PLC board announces spin-off of Ice Cream business to create a standalone entity, bolstering growth strategy. Post-separation, Unilever will concentrate on Beauty & Wellbeing, Personal Care, Home Care, and Nutrition.

Growth Action Plan (GAP)

Introduced in October 2023, the GAP prioritizes quality growth, productivity, and performance focus. Unilever aims to enhance operational efficiency and competitiveness in key markets, aligning with its long-term growth objectives.

Spin-Off Rationale

Ice Cream segment, contributing 13.0% to group turnover, faces challenges amid changing consumer preferences and seasonal demand. Separation enables Unilever to allocate resources to top-performing brands, driving profitability and sustainable growth.

Ice Cream Business Overview

Unilever commands a significant share in the €80 billion global Ice Cream market, with brands like Ben & Jerry’s, Cornetto, and Magnum leading the portfolio. Despite seasonal fluctuations and operational complexities, Ice Cream segment remains a key revenue driver for Unilever.

Financial Performance and Outlook

FY23 saw mixed results with marginal revenue growth and underlying sales expansion across segments, except Ice Cream. Unilever anticipates improved profitability and mid-single-digit sales growth post-separation, emphasizing productivity savings and strategic brand investments.

Company Description

Unilever PLC, founded in 1860 and headquartered in London, is a global FMCG manufacturer operating in over 190 countries. With a diverse portfolio spanning Beauty & Wellbeing, Personal Care, Home Care, Nutrition, and Ice Cream, Unilever remains committed to sustainable growth and innovation.


Unilever’s decision to spin off its Ice Cream business reflects its commitment to strategic realignment and operational excellence. As the company transitions towards a more focused business model, investors anticipate enhanced shareholder value and sustained growth trajectory.

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Source: Forbes