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Nestlé’s Strategic Expansion in the Americas


Nestlé’s Strategic Expansion in the Americas: A Deep Dive into Confectionery and Food Cross-Selling

Introduction to Nestlé’s Growth Trajectory

Nestlé International Travel Retail (NITR) is gearing up for a significant expansion in the Americas, leveraging a notable increase in cross-selling opportunities within the confectionery and food categories. This strategic pivot comes as the company prepares to unveil its new Nestlé Sustainably Sourced Cocoa range, aiming to capitalize on the burgeoning travel retail market across North and South America.

Impressive Sales Growth and Market Recovery

In the first quarter of 2023, NITR observed a remarkable 230% increase in incremental sales compared to the same period in the previous year, signaling a strong preference for confectionery and food products among travelers in the Americas. This region, which represents 18% of global passengers, has shown a robust recovery, with travel figures surpassing 2019 levels by 106%. Such statistics underscore the region’s potential as a fertile ground for retail growth, particularly through duty-free operations in airports, border stores, and cruise lines.

Strategic Initiatives and Forecasted Growth

Stewart Dryburgh, NITR’s General Manager, has expressed confidence in achieving double-digit growth, projecting an approximate 12.2% increase in 2024. This optimistic outlook persists despite potential challenges such as price increases. Furthermore, NITR is actively pursuing strategic partnerships and exploring new markets in Latin America, enhancing its presence in key U.S. airports through improved product assortments and targeted marketing campaigns.

Enhancing Product Visibility and Network Expansion

NITR plans to augment its visibility across major U.S. travel hubs and intensify collaborations focused on sustainability with leading travel retailers. The expansion strategy includes increasing the network of brand ambassadors throughout Mexico and South America and ensuring that NITR remains proactive in aligning with market trends and consumer demands.

Portfolio Enhancement and New Product Launches

At the IAADFS Summit of the Americas, NITR will showcase its VERSE model—encompassing Value, Engagement, Regeneration, Sense of Place, and Execution—with an emphasis on travel retail-exclusive products. The launch of the Nestlé Sustainably Sourced Cocoa range is particularly notable. This new product line, which includes various flavored chocolate tablets and a sharing pouch, is set to revolutionize the confectionery sector with its focus on sustainability and exclusive availability in travel retail venues.

Sustainable Practices and Consumer Engagement

The ‘Does Good, Tastes Great’ campaign has already resonated positively among travel retailers. NITR is committed to regenerating the confectionery category through innovative products that not only appeal to consumers’ tastes but also contribute to environmental and social sustainability. The global rollout of this cocoa line is in partnership with Otis McAllister in North America and aims to attract a diverse consumer base, including the increasingly influential Gen Z demographic.

Upcoming Products and Continued Initiatives

Other innovative offerings at the Summit include the KitKat with Lotus Biscoff and the KitKat Cookie Dough series, alongside Smarties’ new Cool Creatures line which incorporates augmented reality features. Additionally, NITR continues to enhance its packaging sustainability through initiatives like the Cocoa Plan and Coffee Plan, which promote responsible sourcing and community support in cocoa-producing regions.

Conclusion: Nestlé’s Forward-Looking Strategy

As Nestlé continues to develop its portfolio and deepen its market penetration in the Americas, the company’s focus on sustainability, innovative product development, and strategic market engagement positions it well to lead the food and confectionery category in travel retail. The ongoing initiatives not only reflect Nestlé’s commitment to growth but also its dedication to contributing positively to the regions it serves, setting a benchmark for success in the global travel retail industry.

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Source: TRBusiness

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