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AB InBev Embraces “US Farmed” Labeling


AB InBev Embraces “US Farmed” Labeling for Enhanced Transparency and Support of American Agriculture

Introduction to New Labeling Initiative

AB InBev, a global leader in the beverage industry, is set to introduce a new labeling feature that highlights the use of American-grown ingredients in its beers. Starting from May, select brands such as Busch Light, Budweiser, Bud Light, and Michelob Ultra will carry a “US farmed” label, signifying a major shift towards supporting domestic agriculture and providing transparency to consumers.

Criteria and Certification Process

The “US farmed” label, developed by the American Farmland Trust, aims to become a staple in identifying domestically sourced ingredients within the food and beverage sector. To qualify for this label, at least 95% of the product’s ingredients by weight (excluding water, packaging, and labeling) must be sourced from within the United States. The American Farmland Trust’s certification board is responsible for verifying these claims, ensuring authenticity and integrity in the labeling process.

Commitment to American Farmers

Anheuser-Busch CEO Brendan Whitworth has expressed pride in the company’s longstanding relationships with U.S. farmers, many of which span several generations. “Our nearly exclusive use of American-sourced ingredients showcases our dedication not just to quality brewing but also to the economic sustainability of U.S. agriculture,” Whitworth stated. He emphasized that the new “US farmed” certification underscores AB InBev’s commitment to enhancing the visibility of and support for American farmers.

Economic Implications and Consumer Trust

This initiative arrives at a time when country-of-origin labeling is increasingly influencing consumer purchasing decisions. The Federal Trade Commission has highlighted concerns over fraudulent labeling practices, which have misled consumers and distorted market perceptions. Research from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business supports the economic benefits of genuine “Made in USA” labels, indicating that such endorsements can significantly boost product sales and consumer trust.

Supporting American Agriculture

The American Farmland Trust explains that the new labeling initiative will provide more than just a marketing advantage—it will offer tangible support to the agricultural sector. As part of their mission, the trust aims to assist American farmers with succession planning and offer tools for farmland protection, ensuring the sustainability of farming practices and land use. This is critical as, according to the organization, over 30% of U.S. agricultural land is expected to transition in the next 15 years due to farmer retirements.

Conclusion: A Step Forward in Food Integrity

AB InBev’s adoption of the “US farmed” label not only promotes transparency in ingredient sourcing but also plays a vital role in supporting the domestic agricultural industry. By backing this initiative, AB InBev leads the beverage industry in a commitment to economic sustainability and consumer trust, paving the way for a future where food and drink products are unequivocally linked to their roots, benefiting both producers and consumers alike.

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Source: The Drinking Business

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