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General Mills’ Good Measure Redesign


Good Measure’s Strategic Packaging Redesign Enhances Market Presence

Introduction to Good Measure’s Brand Evolution

Good Measure, a health-conscious snack brand developed by General Mills’ G-Works, has unveiled a significant redesign of its product packaging in the first quarter of 2024. This refresh aims to improve product visibility on store shelves, distinguish it from competitors, and emphasize its blood sugar-friendly attributes, catering particularly to individuals monitoring their glucose levels, such as those with diabetes or prediabetes.

Enhancing Brand Discovery and Appeal

The redesigned packaging of Good Measure features several enhancements that boost its appeal and distinctiveness in the competitive snack market. Key changes include the introduction of a novel “Blood Sugar Friendly” seal and a macronutrient lock-up that highlights beneficial nutritional content, such as containing five or fewer grams of net carbs and three or fewer grams of sugar. These updates are displayed prominently on both the cartons and individual pouches of Good Measure products, comprising Nut Butter Bars and Almond Crisps.

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Strategic Design Elements

Brittany Schou, General Manager and Co-founder of Good Measure, emphasizes the brand’s consumer-first approach, which led to the packaging’s “glow-up.” The redesign not only makes the packages more visually appealing with refreshed product photos and ingredient cues but also ensures the products stand out to consumers seeking health-conscious snacks. The packaging now features a richer blue color palette, providing a stronger contrast that enhances product discoverability at retail locations.

Innovative “Blood Sugar Friendly” Seal

The introduction of the “Blood Sugar Friendly” seal is a pioneering move by Good Measure, underlining the brand’s leadership in catering to blood sugar-conscious consumers. This seal is a significant addition, designed to attract those looking to manage dietary intake of sugars and carbs effectively.

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In-depth Consumer Research

Schou highlights the extensive consumer research that informed the redesign process. This involved focus groups and in-store aisle walks to gather direct consumer feedback on shopping habits and preferences. The insights from these activities were crucial in shaping the final design, ensuring it meets consumer needs and stands out at the critical first moment of truth in store aisles.

Educational Content and Consumer Engagement

Understanding that the concept of “blood sugar-friendly” might be new to many consumers, Good Measure has utilized the back panel of its packaging as an educational tool. It succinctly explains the benefits of the products using clear iconography and easy-to-understand language, helping consumers make informed choices about their snacking habits.

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Positive Consumer Response

The new packaging was first introduced at the Natural Products Expo West 2024, where it received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Attendees appreciated the clear communication of the product’s benefits, which was enhanced by the strategic placement of the new blood sugar-friendly seal. This positive reception at the expo is a promising indicator of the redesign’s potential success in broader markets.

Conclusion: A Fresh Identity for a Health-Conscious Brand

Good Measure’s strategic redesign marks a significant step in redefining the brand’s presence in the health-focused snack market. By emphasizing its unique blood sugar-friendly attribute and improving its visual and educational appeal, Good Measure is poised to strengthen its brand identity and appeal to a wider audience. This approach not only aligns with current health trends but also sets a new standard in packaging design for dietary-conscious consumers. The ongoing consumer reactions and the brand’s performance in retail spaces will further dictate the success of this strategic initiative.

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Source: Packing Digest

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