Top 10 Turkish Foodservice Companies

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Turkey’s vibrant food culture is reflected in its diverse foodservice industry. Here are the top 10 Turkish foodservice companies shaping the nation’s culinary landscape.

Top 10 Foodservice Companies in Turkey:

  1. Simit Sarayı: Known for its traditional Turkish pastries, Simit Sarayı has become a household name in Turkey and abroad.
  2. Big Chefs: A popular restaurant chain offering a diverse menu of Turkish and international cuisine, known for its quality and innovation.
  3. Mado: Famous for its ice cream and desserts, Mado has expanded to become a leading cafe chain in Turkey, offering a wide range of sweet treats.
  4. BIM Birleşik Mağazalar A.Ş.: One of Turkey’s largest supermarket chains, BIM offers a variety of food products and catering solutions to consumers and businesses.
  5. Do&Co: A leading catering company in Turkey, Do&Co provides food and beverage services for airlines, events, and hospitality businesses.
  6. Köfteci Yusuf: Specializing in köfte (Turkish meatballs), Köfteci Yusuf has grown into a popular restaurant chain with locations across Turkey.
  7. Kahve Dünyası: A well-known coffeehouse chain, Kahve Dünyası offers a wide selection of coffee beverages, chocolates, and desserts.
  8. Şölen Çikolata ve Gıda Sanayi A.Ş.: A major producer of chocolates and confectionery products in Turkey, Şölen offers a variety of sweet treats to consumers and businesses.
  9. Saray Muhallebicisi: A traditional Turkish dessert shop, Saray Muhallebicisi has been serving delicious puddings, baklava, and other sweets since 1982.
  10. Tavuk Dünyası: Specializing in chicken-based dishes, Tavuk Dünyası has become a popular fast-food chain in Turkey, offering a variety of grilled and fried chicken options.

These top 10 Turkish foodservice companies contribute to Turkey’s vibrant culinary scene, providing high-quality products and dining experiences to locals and visitors alike.

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