Top 10 Foodservice Companies in Sweden

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Sweden’s foodservice industry is a dynamic and innovative sector, known for its commitment to quality, sustainability, and culinary excellence. Here are the top 10 Swedish foodservice companies that have made a significant impact on the country’s culinary landscape:

1. Axfood AB

Axfood AB is one of the largest retail and foodservice companies in Sweden, operating a network of grocery stores, convenience stores, and foodservice outlets. The company’s portfolio includes popular supermarket chains such as Hemköp and Willys.

2. ICA Gruppen AB

ICA Gruppen AB is a leading retail and foodservice company in Sweden, operating a network of supermarkets, hypermarkets, and convenience stores under the ICA banner. The company also provides catering services through its ICA Restauranger division.

3. Sodexo Sverige AB

Sodexo Sverige AB is a subsidiary of Sodexo Group, a global leader in integrated facilities management and foodservices. Sodexo Sverige provides catering, cleaning, and support services to businesses, schools, hospitals, and other institutions in Sweden.

4. Scandic Hotels Group AB

Scandic Hotels Group AB is the largest hotel chain in the Nordic region, with a strong presence in Sweden. The company’s hotels offer a range of dining options, including restaurants, bars, and room service, catering to both leisure and business travelers.

5. SSP Sweden AB

SSP Sweden AB is a subsidiary of SSP Group plc, a global leader in food and beverage services in travel locations such as airports and railway stations. SSP Sweden operates food and beverage outlets in major travel hubs across Sweden.

6. Systembolaget

Systembolaget is Sweden’s state-owned alcohol retail monopoly, responsible for the sale of alcoholic beverages in the country. The company operates a network of stores that offer a wide selection of wines, beers, and spirits.

7. McDonald’s Sverige AB

McDonald’s Sverige AB is the Swedish subsidiary of McDonald’s Corporation, one of the world’s largest fast-food chains. McDonald’s Sverige operates a network of restaurants across Sweden, offering the iconic menu items that the chain is known for.

8. Liseberg AB

Liseberg AB is a major entertainment and hospitality company in Sweden, best known for operating Liseberg amusement park in Gothenburg. The park offers a variety of dining options, including restaurants, cafés, and food stands.

9. Coop Sverige AB

Coop Sverige AB is a cooperative retailing group in Sweden, operating a network of supermarkets, hypermarkets, and convenience stores. The company’s Coop Konsum stores offer a range of food and grocery products, including fresh produce and ready-to-eat meals.

10. Restaurangakademien AB

Restaurangakademien AB is a leading hospitality and restaurant management company in Sweden, providing consulting services, training programs, and event management services to restaurants, hotels, and catering businesses.

These top 10 Swedish foodservice companies showcase the diversity, innovation, and culinary excellence that define Sweden’s vibrant foodservice industry.

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