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Pepsico’s Innovative Sustainable Packaging Initiatives


Companies across various industries are increasingly prioritizing sustainability in packaging, with a focus on reducing plastic usage and incorporating recycled materials. Here are some notable examples of innovative packaging solutions from Kellanova, PepsiCo, and LUSH.

Kellanova’s Sustainable Snack Packaging Revolution

Kellanova, formerly known as Kellogg’s, has taken a significant step towards sustainability by reducing plastic usage in the packaging of its popular snack brands. By minimizing plastic and corrugated board while maintaining the same food volume, the company has successfully decreased its environmental footprint. This initiative not only aligns with Kellanova’s Better Days Promise commitment but also positions the company as a leader in sustainable packaging practices.

PepsiCo’s Eco-Friendly Transformation for Sunbites

PepsiCo’s Walkers brand has introduced a groundbreaking change to its Sunbites range, unveiling packaging made from 50% recycled plastic. This move reflects Walkers’ broader sustainability goals under the PepsiCo Positive initiative, which aims to eliminate virgin fossil-based plastic in chip and snack bags by 2030. Simultaneously, the reformulated Sunbites recipe emphasizes healthier ingredients, showcasing the brand’s commitment to sustainability and consumer well-being.

LUSH’s Repurposed Gift Wrapping Innovation

British cosmetics retailer LUSH has demonstrated its dedication to sustainability by repurposing over six million plastic bottles into reusable Knot Wraps. Inspired by the Japanese art of Furoshiki, these wraps offer a waste-free alternative to traditional gift wrapping. Made from recycled polyester or vintage fabrics, Knot Wraps not only reduce waste but also provide a stylish and versatile solution for gift presentation. With LUSH’s focus on waste reduction and innovation, Knot Wraps serve as a thoughtful and environmentally conscious option for consumers.

Driving Positive Change Through Sustainable Packaging

These examples highlight the efforts of companies to reduce their environmental impact and promote sustainability in packaging. By embracing innovative solutions and adopting eco-friendly practices, businesses can contribute to a more sustainable future while meeting consumer demand for environmentally conscious products.

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