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Danone’s Innovative Super Bowl Strategy


Danone, the parent company of Greek yogurt brand Oikos, has taken an unconventional approach to its Super Bowl advertising efforts. For the past five years, the company has chosen to promote its products around the time of the Super Bowl rather than during the event itself. This strategy has proven to be so successful that Danone is now expanding it to include other brands in its portfolio, such as Silk and SToK cold brew.

Doubling Down on Digital

The decision to focus on a digital-first strategy comes from an understanding of the changing media consumption habits of younger generations. Surbhi Martin, Senior Vice President of Plant-Based Beverages at Danone North America, highlighted the company’s intention to cater to millennials and Gen Z, who prefer streaming services and social media. This strategic pivot allows Danone to allocate its marketing budget more effectively, especially when compared to the steep price of traditional Super Bowl ad spots, which are currently selling for $7 million for 30 seconds.

Streamlining Ad Spend

Danone’s approach enables the company to leverage social media and streaming platforms, like CBS’s Paramount+, to reach their audience more efficiently. This redirection of advertising dollars from expensive broadcast spots to digital mediums allows Danone to achieve broader reach and better engagement with the same or even reduced budgets. In 2022, Danone’s media expenditure for Oikos, Silk, and SToK totaled nearly $29 million, demonstrating the company’s significant investment in its marketing strategies.

A Social-First Approach

Each brand under Danone’s umbrella is adopting a tailored strategy to maximize its Super Bowl presence. Oikos is set to launch a comprehensive social media campaign, Silk will engage audiences across all media channels, and SToK aims to attract younger consumers with a dynamic social media presence. This diversified approach underscores Danone’s commitment to engaging with a wide range of consumers through various platforms.

The Evolution of Super Bowl Advertising

Danone’s strategy reflects a broader trend in Super Bowl advertising, where brands seek creative ways to participate in the Super Bowl buzz without the hefty price tag of broadcast ad spots. This method of “hacking” the Super Bowl has become increasingly popular as brands navigate the shift towards streaming and digital media. With the rise of cord-cutting and the proliferation of ad-supported streaming services, Danone’s digital-first approach positions the company to effectively reach its target demographics.

Embracing Change and Innovation

The move to expand its Super Bowl strategy to other brands is part of Danone’s larger “Renew Danone” initiative, which focuses on reinvesting in its brands and adapting to changing consumer behaviors. This year, the Super Bowl’s broadcast will feature alternative telecasts on networks like Nickelodeon, in addition to streaming on Paramount+, reflecting the changing landscape of media consumption. Danone’s agile marketing strategies, tailored to engage consumers where they are most active, illustrate the company’s innovative approach to advertising in today’s fragmented media environment.

Source: Danone Bolsters Presence in China Amid Flourishing Sino-French Relations

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