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Sysco bans chinese business due to forced labour


Sysco Halts Purchases from Chishan Group Amid Forced Labor Accusations

Houston, Texas: Sysco Takes Firm Stance Against Forced Labor in Supply Chain

Sysco, the world’s preeminent broadline food distributor, has declared its commitment to ethical sourcing by ceasing all seafood purchases from the Chishan Group, a Chinese entity embroiled in forced labor allegations involving the Uyghur community. This decisive action follows an inquiry by U.S. Representative Jared Huffman.

Sysco’s CEO Kevin Hourican Responds to Congressional Concerns

In response to Huffman’s probing, Sysco’s CEO, Kevin Hourican, expressed his dedication to eradicating illegal labor practices in the company’s supply chain. In a statement, Hourican emphasized Sysco’s zero-tolerance policy towards human trafficking, slavery, and child labor.

Congressman Huffman Exposes Weaknesses in Sysco’s Auditing Process

Huffman’s earlier communication highlighted Sysco’s connections with subsidiaries of the Chishan Group, known for their controversial labor practices. His inquiry shed light on potential vulnerabilities in Sysco’s seafood supply chain auditing.

Sysco Reinforces Auditing Procedures and Ends Ties with Shandong Haidu

In a robust response to Huffman’s concerns, Hourican assured of heightened auditing measures, including unannounced inspections and comprehensive reviews of supplier conduct. Sysco has already terminated its relationship with Shandong Haidu and plans to discontinue purchases from any related entities.

A Collaborative Approach to Address Global Supply Chain Challenges

Hourican reiterated Sysco’s willingness to collaborate with government and non-governmental organizations in addressing human rights issues in global supply chains. He acknowledged the complexities of achieving transparency in the seafood supply chain and called for shared responsibility and innovative solutions.

Congressional Pressure on Sysco and the Biden Administration

Following Sysco’s announcement, Huffman, along with other U.S. representatives, urged President Joe Biden to encourage improved practices in Sysco’s supply chain management, specifically to avoid suppliers implicated in forced labor and illegal fishing. The letter also warned of potential government action against Sysco should they fail to comply.

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