Top 10 Foodservice Companies in Mexico

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Mexico’s vibrant culinary landscape is a testament to its rich gastronomic heritage and diverse flavors. In this article, we showcase the top 10 foodservice companies that are at the forefront of shaping Mexico’s dining scene, from beloved local brands to international giants making their mark in the country’s bustling market.

Leading the Culinary Charge: Top 10 Foodservice Companies in Mexico

1. Grupo Bimbo

As one of the world’s largest bakery companies, Grupo Bimbo dominates the Mexican market with its extensive range of bread, pastries, and snacks, serving millions of consumers across the country.

2. Alsea

Alsea is a major player in Mexico’s restaurant industry, operating a diverse portfolio of international brands such as Starbucks, Domino’s Pizza, and Burger King, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

3. FEMSA Comercio

FEMSA Comercio is a leading retailer and distributor in Mexico, operating OXXO convenience stores across the country, offering a variety of food and beverage options to busy consumers.

4. Grupo Herdez

Specializing in Mexican food products, Grupo Herdez is a household name in Mexico, known for its salsas, canned goods, and ready-to-eat meals that showcase authentic Mexican flavors.

5. Grupo Lala

As one of Mexico’s largest dairy companies, Grupo Lala produces a wide range of dairy products, including milk, yogurt, and cheese, supplying both retail and foodservice channels across the country.

6. Grupo Gigante

Grupo Gigante operates a diverse range of businesses in Mexico, including restaurant chains like Toks and Panda Express, offering a variety of cuisines to Mexican consumers.

7. Grupo Toks

Grupo Toks is a prominent Mexican restaurant chain known for its diverse menu offerings, including traditional Mexican dishes and international cuisine, served in a family-friendly atmosphere.

8. La Costeña

La Costeña is a leading producer of canned foods in Mexico, specializing in a variety of Mexican staples such as beans, salsas, and peppers, essential ingredients in Mexican cuisine.

9. Sigma Alimentos

Sigma Alimentos is a major player in Mexico’s food industry, producing and distributing a wide range of refrigerated and frozen food products, including meats, dairy, and prepared meals.

10. Bachoco

Bachoco is Mexico’s leading poultry producer, supplying chicken and egg products to both retail and foodservice customers, ensuring a steady supply of high-quality protein to consumers nationwide.


These top 10 foodservice companies in Mexico represent the diversity and innovation that define the country’s culinary landscape. From traditional Mexican staples to international brands, these companies play a vital role in satisfying the appetites of Mexican consumers while contributing to the continued growth and evolution of Mexico’s dynamic foodservice industry.

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