Unilever Probed for Exaggerated Eco Claims

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Unilever Under the Microscope for ‘Green’ Claims
The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has started looking into Unilever. They’re checking if Unilever might be exaggerating how eco-friendly their products are.

Controversial Comments on Mayonnaise
Fund manager Terry Smith criticized Unilever, saying they’re off track. This comes after Unilever’s ex-CEO Alan Jope said Hellmann’s mayonnaise helps cut down food waste. Unilever is facing tough questions about their environmental statements. The authorities are not happy with their vague eco-friendly logos and recycling info.

Unilever’s Firm Denial
Unilever doesn’t agree with these claims. They say they’re always clear, honest, and responsible about their environmental efforts.

Not Just Unilever: Other Brands in the Spotlight Too
This isn’t just about Unilever. Last year, brands like Asos, Boohoo, and Asda faced similar probes. A study in 2020 found that almost half of consumer goods had questionable green claims.

The Bigger Picture: ‘Woke Capitalism’ in Question
If Unilever hasn’t lived up to its green promises, it might make people question the whole idea of companies being socially responsible. It could make bosses think twice about setting environmental goals, especially if money is tight.

Success Stories Amidst the Criticism
Despite the criticism, Unilever has had some big wins. Their Dove soap’s body-positive campaign is a huge success, now valued at €5bn.

Leadership and Stock Performance
Under Paul Polman, Unilever’s stock did great, but with Alan Jope, things weren’t as rosy. Terry Smith thinks Unilever lost focus, especially with ideas like Hellmann’s mayonnaise reducing food waste.

The Verdict on Greenwashing
Cracking down on greenwashing is important. It’s bad for trust in businesses, hurts the good companies, and slows down environmental progress. Companies should really care about the environment, but not just for show.

Source: Financial Times