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PepsiCo’s Doritos teams up with Empirical Spirits


PepsiCo is breaking new ground with a unique collaboration. They’ve teamed up with Empirical Spirits, a distillery with roots in Copenhagen’s renowned Noma restaurant, to create something special for Gen Z: a Doritos-flavored cocktail. This marks the first foray of Doritos, a savory snack hugely popular among young adults, into the world of alcoholic beverages.

Doritos Takes a Spirited Leap: PepsiCo and Empirical Unveil Gen Z-Targeted, Doritos-Flavored Cocktail

Transitioning seamlessly into the product details, the new offering is named Empirical x Doritos Nacho Cheese. It stands out not just for its unusual flavor but also for its exclusivity. Priced at $65 for a 750ml bottle, the cocktail will be available in select locations in New York and California. This limited release is a significant step for both PepsiCo and Empirical Spirits, blending the iconic taste of Doritos nacho cheese chips with a sophisticated alcoholic twist.

The flavor profile of this drink is truly remarkable, capturing the essence of Doritos in a liquid form. The cocktail combines the tastes of toasted corn, cheese, and onion powder, reminiscent of the beloved snack. For those seeking to further enhance their experience, there are specially crafted cocktail recipes, like the Double Triangle Margarita and a unique Bloody Mary, adding another layer of enjoyment to this innovative beverage.

From Accidental Experiment to Innovative Collaboration: The Inside Story of PepsiCo and Empirical’s Doritos-Flavored Cocktail

The story behind this creation is as intriguing as the drink itself. It began as an experiment at Empirical Spirits, where unexpected ingredients often lead to exciting discoveries. The Doritos flavor was first toyed with back in 2017, almost by accident, and it was so authentically Doritos in taste that it sparked laughter and surprise. However, it was initially set aside for more traditional blends.

This experimental spirit continued to guide the journey of this unique flavor. It caught the attention of PepsiCo executives during a visit to Noma and Empirical’s lab, paving the way for this groundbreaking collaboration. While there are no immediate plans to extend this partnership, the potential for future Doritos-themed alcohol products is high, hinting at an adventurous new direction in culinary creativity.

In conclusion, this exciting collaboration between PepsiCo and Empirical Spirits is more than just a new flavor launch. It’s a symbol of innovation and a testament to the power of creative thinking in the culinary and beverage industry. As Empirical Spirits prepares to open a new distillery in Brooklyn, the Doritos flavor might just become a staple, further cementing this bold venture into the history of both companies.

Source: Fortune

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