Heineken & Bodega “The Boring Phone”

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Heineken and Bodega Launch “The Boring Phone” to Promote Real-Life Connections


Heineken, in partnership with street culture influencer Bodega, introduces “The Boring Phone” by Human Mobile Devices (HMD). This limited-edition device aims to encourage real-life connections by disconnecting users from the distractions of smartphones.

Rise of “Dumb” Phones in Australia

In Australia, the trend of using “dumb” phones to reduce screen time and enhance focus is gaining traction. Despite the popularity in the US, only a fraction of Australians still opt for feature phones, as revealed by a Telsyte report cited by ABC.

The Concept Behind “The Boring Phone”

Designed by HMD, the Heineken x Bodega Boring Phone prioritizes simplicity, stripping away unnecessary tech features. With basic functionalities like calls and texts, it promotes being present in the moment, inspired by Gen Z’s affinity for Newtro fashion and nostalgia for early 2000s mobile phones.

Features and Design

Featuring a transparent casing and holographic stickers, the phone captures the essence of simplicity and retro charm. With a focus on fostering genuine connections, it lacks social media and other distracting apps. Moreover, it boasts an impressive week of standby time and up to 20 hours of talk time.

Heineken’s Perspective

Nabil Nasser, Heineken’s global head, emphasizes the brand’s commitment to facilitating authentic connections. By offering “The Boring Phone,” Heineken aims to create moments of togetherness without the interruptions of constant digital notifications.

HMD’s Vision

Lars Silberbauer, HMD’s CMO, reflects on the growing trend of Gen Z opting for simpler phones for mental well-being. The collaboration with Heineken and Bodega aims to encourage unplugging from digital distractions, fostering meaningful interactions over a beer.

Bodega’s Creative Input

Oliver Mak, co-founder of Bodega, highlights the inspiration behind designing a “boring” phone in a world filled with overly stimulating smartphones. Drawing from the rise of Newtro culture, Bodega aims to merge creativity and community through “The Boring Phone.”


“The Boring Phone” represents a unique approach to promoting real-life connections in an increasingly digital world. With Heineken’s focus on fostering togetherness, HMD’s dedication to simplicity, and Bodega’s creative vision, this collaboration offers a refreshing alternative to the smartphone-centric lifestyle. As consumers seek moments of genuine connection, “The Boring Phone” emerges as a compelling solution for better nights out and enhanced social interactions.

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Source: ITWire