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Danone, the French multinational food and beverage giant, is charting a visionary course for its future with its Renewal Danone strategy. This ambitious roadmap, revealed during a recent capital market event, outlines the company’s mid-term strategy and value creation journey from 2025 to 2028. With a focus on operational excellence, scientific innovation, and proactive portfolio management, Danone aims to solidify its position as a leader in health and nutrition.

Renewal Danone: A Strategic Shift

Renewal Danone emerges at a time of heightened health awareness and environmental concerns, positioning the company to meet evolving consumer demands. As one of the world’s largest food companies, Danone’s strategic shift is poised to influence the global food industry significantly. The strategy aligns with several key industry trends:

  • Healthier, more nutritious product offerings
  • Transparency in sourcing and production
  • Environmental sustainability and ethical business practices

Core Components of Renewal Danone

Danone’s new strategy builds on the solid foundation laid over the past two years, emphasizing three core areas: scientific advancement, operational excellence, and astute portfolio management. These competencies, meticulously honed since 2022, are central to the company’s renewed focus.

1. Category Transformation

Danone plans to pivot its approach to key categories, with a particular emphasis on protein and gut health. This shift aims to align more closely with evolving consumer health priorities and emerging nutritional science.

2. Business Model Expansion

Recognizing the changing landscape of food consumption, Danone will broaden its operational scope. Key areas of acceleration include the away-from-home sector, capitalizing on the resurgence of out-of-home dining, and medical nutrition, a high-growth segment with increasing relevance in ageing societies.

3. Geographic Diversification

Danone will continue to expand its global footprint to capture growth opportunities and mitigate market-specific risks. This strategic geographical expansion aims to tap into diverse consumer bases and leverage regional health and nutrition trends.

Current Initiatives and Partnerships

Danone has recognized the need to adapt swiftly to changing market dynamics. This includes responding to shifting consumer demands towards healthier, plant-based alternatives, focusing on environmental sustainability, and addressing intensified competition in the health and nutrition sector.

Acquisition of WhiteWave Foods

The acquisition of WhiteWave Foods for USD$12.5 billion significantly expanded Danone’s presence in plant-based and organic products. This strategic move positioned Danone to capitalize on some of the fastest-growing segments in the global food market.

Strategic Partnerships and Investments

Danone has focused on strategic partnerships and investments in start-ups through its venture arm, Danone Manifesto Ventures. These collaborations aim to tap into emerging trends and technologies in the food and beverage sector, supporting the company’s innovation pipeline. Categories such as plant-based products and specialized nutrition are key areas of focus.

Leadership Perspective

Antoine de Saint-Affrique, CEO of Danone, emphasized the company’s transformation: “The Danone of today is very different from the Danone of 2 years ago.” Under his leadership, Danone is positioning itself not just as a food producer, but as a catalyst for positive change in the industry, shaping the future of food and nutrition.

Industry Implications

Danone’s strategic shift is likely to have ripple effects throughout the global food industry. By focusing on health, sustainability, and innovation, Danone is setting a precedent for other companies to follow. The company’s execution and outcomes will be closely watched by industry observers, consumers, and competitors alike.


Danone’s Renewal Danone strategy marks a significant evolution in the company’s approach to health and nutrition. By leveraging scientific rigor, operational agility, and market expansion, Danone is not merely adapting to industry trends but is actively shaping the future of food and nutrition. As the company moves forward with its strategic plans from 2025 to 2028, its impact on the global food industry will be profound, influencing consumer preferences and setting new standards for health and sustainability.

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