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Sodexo’s H1 2024 Performance: A Robust Outlook Amid Expanding Market Presence


Sodexo, the esteemed French contract caterer, has shared a highly encouraging update on its financial performance for the first half of fiscal year 2024. Reporting considerable organic growth, particularly in Europe, and robust gains across various sectors, the company remains steadfast in its optimistic outlook for the future.

Strong Performance in European Markets

In the first half of the fiscal year ending February 29, 2024, Sodexo experienced significant organic revenue growth of 8% across its European operations. This surge was primarily driven by strategic price adjustments and an increase in customer attendance at the company’s corporate services segment. The company’s success in Europe was further bolstered by substantial first-quarter growth, spurred by new contracts, notably within the UK defense sector, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent months.

Key Growth Drivers

Several factors contributed to this upward trajectory in Europe:

  • The Rugby World Cup provided a boost in volume for UK-based airport lounges, demonstrating Sodexo’s capability to capitalize on major sporting events.
  • New government contracts within the UK further augmented revenue, underscoring Sodexo’s strength in securing and managing large-scale institutional deals.

Expanding Influence in Healthcare and Senior Care

Sodexo also reported a 7.8% organic growth in the healthcare and seniors sector across Europe. This growth was supported by a subsiding inflation rate in the UK and the securing of a new 10-year contract with the Royal Stoke Hospital in Stoke-on-Trent. These developments reflect Sodexo’s strategic focus on expanding its footprint in the healthcare industry, a sector that demands high reliability and service excellence.

Financial Highlights and Corporate Achievements

The company’s overall performance was notably enhanced by a 12.3% rise in underlying operating profit, reaching £524 million. This improvement in profitability can be attributed to efficient operational management and the successful integration of new business ventures.

New Developments and Client Retention

Over the last year, Sodexo signed net new developments, marking a rise to 2.4% from 2.2%. Moreover, the company maintained an impressive client retention rate of 95.5%, a record achievement that underscores the trust and satisfaction that clients place in Sodexo’s services.

Leadership and Future Directions

Under the leadership of Sean Hayley, chief executive of Sodexo UK and Ireland, the company is poised for continued growth. Hayley expressed both ambition and optimism for the future, emphasizing Sodexo’s role as a responsible, purpose-led provider. He highlighted the company’s commitment to not only continuing its service excellence and innovation but also taking significant actions to positively impact the lives of colleagues, clients, and the broader community.

Commitment to Community and Innovation

Sodexo’s strategy goes beyond business performance, focusing extensively on corporate responsibility. The company aims to implement initiatives that significantly improve community well-being and sustainability. This approach is integral to Sodexo’s identity as a forward-thinking organization that values the interconnectivity between its operations and the larger social and environmental context.


Sodexo’s first half of fiscal 2024 illustrates a robust and promising picture. With strong growth metrics, strategic expansions, and a clear vision underpinned by a commitment to corporate responsibility, Sodexo is well-positioned to continue its trajectory as a leading service provider in the global market. The company’s optimistic outlook is not just a reflection of past successes but a forward-looking strategy designed to harness opportunities and navigate challenges in the dynamic global marketplace. As Sodexo continues to grow and evolve, it remains a key player in the contract catering industry, dedicated to enriching lives through dedicated service and innovative solutions.

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Source: The Caterer