Top 10 Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Companies in Chile

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Chile’s Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry is a dynamic and competitive sector, characterized by a mix of local and international brands catering to diverse consumer preferences. In this report, we will explore the top 10 QSR companies making a significant impact in Chile, highlighting their market presence, key offerings, and contributions to the Chilean foodservice industry.

Market Overview

Chile’s QSR industry has experienced steady growth in recent years, driven by factors such as urbanization, changing lifestyles, and increasing consumer spending. Chilean consumers value convenience, affordability, and variety, making QSR chains a popular choice for dining out and on-the-go meals.

Top 10 QSR Companies in Chile

  1. McDonald’s Chile: McDonald’s is a global fast-food giant with a strong presence in Chile. Known for its iconic burgers, fries, and Happy Meals, McDonald’s operates numerous locations across the country, serving millions of Chilean consumers every day.
  2. Burger King Chile: Burger King is another major player in the Chilean QSR industry, offering flame-grilled burgers, fries, and other fast-food favorites. With its distinctive menu and aggressive marketing campaigns, Burger King has captured a significant share of the Chilean market.
  3. Domino’s Pizza Chile: Domino’s Pizza is a leading pizza delivery chain in Chile, known for its wide range of pizza options and speedy delivery service. With a focus on quality ingredients and customer satisfaction, Domino’s Pizza has established a strong presence in the Chilean QSR market.
  4. KFC Chile: KFC is a global fried chicken chain that has gained popularity in Chile. With its signature Original Recipe chicken and a variety of side dishes, KFC offers a unique dining experience to Chilean consumers.
  5. Subway Chile: Subway is a global sandwich chain known for its customizable sandwiches and fresh ingredients. With its healthy options and convenient locations, Subway has built a loyal customer base in Chile.
  6. Pizza Hut Chile: Pizza Hut is a leading pizza chain in Chile, offering a variety of pizza flavors and toppings. With its dine-in, delivery, and takeaway options, Pizza Hut caters to a wide range of preferences in the Chilean market.
  7. Starbucks Chile: Starbucks is a global coffeehouse chain with a growing presence in Chile. Known for its premium coffee drinks and cozy atmosphere, Starbucks has become a popular destination for Chilean consumers.
  8. Dunkin’ Donuts Chile: Dunkin’ Donuts is a leading coffee and baked goods chain in Chile, offering a variety of donuts, pastries, and coffee drinks. With its convenient locations and indulgent treats, Dunkin’ Donuts has established a loyal following in the Chilean QSR market.
  9. Papa John’s Chile: Papa John’s is a popular pizza chain in Chile, known for its quality ingredients and innovative pizza flavors. With a focus on customer satisfaction and value pricing, Papa John’s has gained traction in the Chilean QSR industry.
  10. Kekos Chile: Kekos is a local Chilean fast-food chain specializing in burgers, sandwiches, and fried chicken. With its focus on affordability and convenience, Kekos has attracted a loyal customer base in Chile.


These top 10 QSR companies represent a diverse range of offerings and dining experiences, contributing to the vibrant and competitive landscape of the Chilean foodservice industry. With their iconic brands, innovative menus, and commitment to customer satisfaction, these companies continue to shape the QSR industry in Chile and meet the evolving needs of Chilean consumers.

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