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Grupo Bimbo Announces Bakery Closure


Grupo Bimbo Announces Closure of Albuquerque Bakery

Impact on Workforce: 149 Employees to be Affected by Plant Shutdown

In a significant move, Grupo Bimbo, the Mexican bakery conglomerate, has announced its decision to cease operations at its Albuquerque plant, the only facility it operates in New Mexico. This closure, set to happen by April, will unfortunately impact 149 employees who work at the plant, known for producing bread and buns.

Reasons Behind the Closure: Volume Loss and Aging Infrastructure

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The decision to shut down the Albuquerque bakery comes amidst challenges faced by the plant. Grupo Bimbo’s US division, Bimbo Bakeries USA (BBU), cited “volume loss and the aging facility” as key factors influencing this move. According to the company, maintaining operations at this particular location is not conducive to their growth plans.

Future Plans: Production to Shift to Other BBU Facilities

Grupo Bimbo intends to reallocate the production workload from the Albuquerque site to other bakeries within its extensive manufacturing network. However, details regarding the specific facilities that will absorb this increased production remain undisclosed as of now.

Commitment to Employees: BBU to Assist Affected Associates

Jessica Santiago, the regional director of operations at BBU, expressed that the decision to close the Albuquerque bakery was a tough one, especially considering the dedicated team of associates at the plant. In recognition of their service, BBU is committed to assisting the affected employees during this transitional period.

BBU’s Extensive Operations: A Look at the Company’s Presence in the US

BBU boasts a significant presence in the United States, operating 59 bakeries across the country. With around 20,000 associates and over 700 sales centres, BBU produces well-known brands such as Thomas Breads, Sara Lee, and Lender’s Bagels. This closure marks a pivotal moment in the company’s operational strategy in the US.

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