Fonterra’s Leap Towards Sustainable Energy

Fonterra’s Revolutionary Heat Pump Unveiled: A Leap Towards Sustainable Energy

Fonterra Launches Hybrid Heat Pump and Solar Thermal Project

Fonterra, New Zealand’s leading dairy producer, has announced the successful implementation of a cutting-edge high-temperature heat pump. This innovative project, situated at the Fonterra Brands New Zealand Palmerston North site, marries the heat pump technology with a solar thermal facility. The Palmerston North site, renowned for producing fresh white milk for the North Island, is at the forefront of this technological advancement.

Transforming Waste Heat into a Sustainable Resource

The company, globally recognized as a major player in the dairy industry, has designed the heat pump to repurpose excess heat from chillers and compressors. This transformed heat now serves as an industrial-grade heat source. “This unique combination of a commercial heat pump and solar thermal plant is a significant step in reducing our gas consumption and emissions,” stated Graham Thomson, the site manager at Fonterra Palmerston North.

A Significant Stride in Emission Reduction

Fonterra’s new initiative is set to significantly reduce the natural gas dependency of the site. The project is expected to eliminate approximately 495 tons of CO2e annually, equating to the impact of removing 140 cars from the roads. This development marks Fonterra’s fourth energy infrastructure enhancement in the past year, aligning with its ambitious goal to cut 50% of its Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 2030.

Government Support and International Collaboration

The heat pump and solar thermal project has garnered co-funding from New Zealand’s Government Investment in Decarbonising Industry fund, facilitated by the Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority. Earlier in March 2023, Germany’s MAN Energy Solutions announced its plans to construct an industrial-scale heat pump capable of generating steam without gas, further supporting Fonterra’s sustainable initiatives.