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AB InBev Invests Billions Into 50 Developing Markets


AB InBev’s Global Expansion: Investing Billions in Breweries and Sustainable Operations

In an ambitious global expansion across nearly 50 countries, AB InBev has significantly enhanced its brewing capabilities, investing heavily in 175 major breweries and additional facilities. This includes hop farms and barley malting facilities, as the company focuses on improving brewing, bottling, and packaging to deliver products that resonate with consumers.

Driving Innovation and Community Development

2023 saw a surge in investments from AB InBev, totaling billions, directed towards modernizing operations and promoting sustainable resource use. According to Fernando Tennenbaum, AB InBev’s Chief Financial Officer, these consistent investments are pivotal in boosting the brand’s strength, maintaining facility efficiency, and fostering future growth in both AB InBev and the communities it serves.

Global Investment Highlights

  • South Africa: South African Breweries pledged 628 million USD for economic development, with 312 million USD already allocated in 2023 for operational, infrastructural, and developmental growth.
  • Colombia: Bavaria, AB InBev’s local Colombian brewer, is constructing a 413 million USD brewery, expected to create numerous jobs and support popular national brands.
  • Mexico: Grupo Modelo and Millfoods are building a 300 million USD facility, aiming to create over 1,000 jobs and support 20,000 farmers.
  • China: Budweiser Brewing Group APAC initiated a nearly 100 million CNY expansion to meet rising demands for premium beers in Western China.
  • Zambia: Zambian Breweries is doubling production with an 80 million USD investment, focusing on innovative beers and community job creation.
  • Canada: Labatt Breweries invested over 43 million CAD in 2023, with initiatives to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040 and enhance production capacity.
  • Tanzania: Tanzania Breweries Limited announced a 38 million USD investment to reopen a state-of-the-art barley malting plant, bolstering the local economy and job market.
  • United States: Anheuser-Busch’s 13 million USD investment in its Georgia brewery and 22.5 million USD in upcoming upgrades in Texas aim to boost efficiency and economic growth.

AB InBev’s extensive global investments underscore its commitment to innovation, community development, and sustainable practices, positioning the company for continued growth and leadership in the brewing industry.

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