Sodexo Wins Big with £34M UK & Ireland Contracts

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Sodexo Secures Significant Contract Extensions in UK and Ireland

Sodexo, a leading global catering company, has successfully renewed several major contracts across the United Kingdom and Ireland, solidifying its presence in these regions. These extensions, encompassing various government and police authorities, reinforce Sodexo’s position as a key player in the catering industry.

Combined Value of Contracts Reaches Over £34 Million

The total worth of these newly secured contracts is estimated at £34 million (approximately $42.7 million). This substantial figure highlights the scale and significance of Sodexo’s operations in the UK and Ireland, and the trust placed in their services by high-profile clients.

Sodexo Continues Partnership with Transport for London

A notable aspect of these renewals is Sodexo’s ongoing collaboration with Transport for London. Under this arrangement, Sodexo will continue providing essential catering services to employees of the London Underground, British Transport Police, Metropolitan Police, and London’s bus drivers. This contract is set to last until 2025, with services available from early morning until late at night, every day of the year.

HMRC and Police Authority Contracts Extended

Sodexo’s contract with HMRC (His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) has also been extended for an additional year. This extension involves Sodexo managing facilities at 48 sites, including ten of HMRC’s 14 regional centers. Over 550 employees will continue supporting this contract. Additionally, Sodexo has been granted a two-year extension with Avon and Somerset Police, further cementing its role in supporting public services.

Sodexo’s Longstanding Support to Police Services

Since 2012, Sodexo has been integral in providing over 70 essential services to more than 3,000 police officers and personnel in South Gloucestershire, Bristol, Bath, and Somerset. This includes a wide range of services such as catering, hospitality, and specialized cleaning services.

Expanding Presence in Northern Ireland and Scotland

Sodexo’s growth is not limited to England and Wales. The company has also received contract extensions from clients in Northern Ireland and Scotland, demonstrating its widespread influence across the UK.

Sodexo’s Commitment to Excellence and Productivity

Paul Anstey, Sodexo UK and Ireland government CEO, emphasizes the company’s dedication to delivering high-quality services. He notes that Sodexo’s teams are committed to creating efficient, productive work environments in partnership with their clients, an approach that has proven successful in securing these extensions.

Additional Contract with Reed’s School

In a further expansion of their educational sector services, Independents by Sodexo, the school catering division of Sodexo, has secured a five-year additional catering contract with Reed’s School in Cobham, Surrey. This contract strengthens Sodexo’s long-standing relationship with the school, where it has been providing services for over half a century.