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Nestlé Achieves Top Marks in The Corporate Equality Index


Nestlé Achieves Top Marks in LGBTQ+ Workplace Inclusion

December 18, 2023 – Nestlé has announced a landmark achievement for its U.S. divisions, Nestlé USA and Nestlé Health Science. Both have scored a perfect 100 on the 2023-2024 Corporate Equality Index (CEI). This prestigious benchmark, run by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, assesses how companies support LGBTQ+ equality in the workplace.

Nestlé’s Commitment Honored with Prestigious Equality Award

In a remarkable display of commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion, both Nestlé USA and Nestlé Health Science have been awarded the esteemed Equality 100 Award. This honor recognizes their comprehensive fulfillment of the CEI’s stringent criteria, setting a high standard in corporate responsibility and diversity.

A Culture of Diversity and Inclusion at Nestlé

Judy Cascapera, Nestlé’s Chief People Officer in North America, expressed pride in the achievement. “At Nestlé, we believe success begins with our people. We’re dedicated to creating a workplace where diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the forefront, enabling everyone to prosper,” she stated. This top score on the Corporate Equality Index reflects Nestlé’s dedication to nurturing an environment that celebrates and draws strength from diversity.

Consistent Excellence in LGBTQ+ Equality

This year marks the fifth and fourth consecutive top scores for Nestlé USA and Nestlé Health Science, respectively. They join 545 major U.S. businesses in achieving this high standard. The growing participation in the CEI – from 319 in its inaugural year to 1,384 companies in 2023-2024 – highlights a significant trend towards more LGBTQ+-friendly workplace policies across the United States and globally.

The Evolving Role of Businesses in LGBTQ+ Inclusion

RaShawn “Shawnie” Hawkins, Senior Director of Workplace Equality at the Human Rights Campaign, highlighted the evolving role of businesses in promoting LGBTQ+ equality. “For over two decades, businesses have been pivotal in championing LGBTQ+ rights by focusing on the needs and voices of their employees. Although there’s more work ahead, the increasing participation in the CEI is a clear indication of a business community committed to equity and inclusion,” Hawkins remarked. The CEI serves as a blueprint for companies to effectively support their LGBTQ+ employees and their families amid challenging social and legislative landscapes.

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