Heineken and Moët & Chandon: Alcohol’s Most Valuable Brands in 2023

Heineken, the renowned Dutch beer company, and Moët & Chandon, the prestigious French champagne brand, hold the distinction of being the most valuable alcohol brands globally. These findings come from a report published by Brand Finance, which evaluated alcohol brands across three categories: beer, spirits, and wine/champagne.

In South Africa, the most beloved alcohol brands are Castle Lager, Black Label, and Hansa Pilsner, according to the same report. Economic conditions in the country have led to a preference for local brands over international ones. This trend has even attracted international buyers, particularly in the wine sector, as South African wines are perceived as offering better value for money compared to wines from other regions.

Brand Finance’s 2023 annual report on the most valuable alcoholic drinks brands indicates that Heineken’s brand value surged by 10% to $7.6 billion this year, surpassing the $7.4 billion valuation of Corona Extra. This growth can be attributed to the introduction of Heineken Silver, a premium lager crafted from sustainably sourced barley in alignment with the brand’s sustainability model, “Brew a Better World.”

In the realm of spirits, China’s elite baijiu brand, Moutai, maintains its position as the most valuable spirits brand globally for the eighth consecutive year, with a value of $49.7 billion. Moutai’s strong ties to Chinese tradition and its commitment to innovation contribute to its market dominance. Moët & Chandon continues to hold the top spot in the wine and champagne category for three consecutive years, despite a 10% drop in brand value.

In conclusion, the most esteemed beer, wine, and spirits brands on the global stage include Heineken, Moët & Chandon, and Moutai, as highlighted by Brand Finance’s 2023 annual report on valuable alcohol brands.