Heineken® Debuts Unique Bottle Design

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Heineken® Debuts Unique Bottle Design

Heineken® has taken a groundbreaking step by introducing a new bottle design exclusively for the South African market. In an unprecedented move, the company will roll out a distinctive 650ml returnable ‘Star Bottle’, marking a departure from its uniform appearance across 190 countries. This new bottle not only showcases the iconic Heineken star and etched brand name but also signifies the company’s first foray into returnable packaging in South Africa.

Sustainability at the Forefront

Heineken®’s innovation extends beyond mere aesthetics; it underscores a significant shift towards sustainability. Following investments in advanced environmental technologies at its Sedibeng brewery, including a water reclamation facility and a solar power plant, the company aims to drastically reduce its carbon footprint. The introduction of the ‘Star Bottle’ aligns with Heineken®’s broader goal to transition 65% of its beer portfolio to returnable bottles by 2024, substantially cutting down on single-use glass.

Ambitious Environmental Goals

Underpinning these initiatives is Heineken®’s ambitious commitment to achieving net zero carbon emissions across its entire value chain by 2040. This target positions Heineken® a decade ahead of the Paris Climate Agreement’s 2050 goal, setting a new standard in the global brewing industry. The company maintains that the quality and taste of its beer, a staple in premium settings for over a century, will remain unchanged despite the packaging transformation.

Community and Environmental Development Initiatives

In addition to the new bottle, Heineken® has announced the launch of the Heineken® Green Zones in partnership with The Greenpop Foundation. This initiative aims to foster sustainable behaviors and community engagement by transforming urban spaces into green areas complete with parks, food gardens, and art installations. Scheduled for rollout in several South African cities, these Green Zones represent a significant investment in community development and environmental stewardship, reflecting Heineken®’s comprehensive approach to sustainability and community service.

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